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Watchmakers Eyeglass

Watchmakers Eyeglass

High power magnifying eye loupes for hands-free inspection, examination and repair.
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4x magnification/22mm plastic lens/3" focal length 8.95
5x magnification/22mm plastic lens/2" focal length 7.95
7x magnification/22mm plastic lens/1" focal length 10.95
9x magnification/aspheric lens 12.95
15x magnification/bi-aspheric lens 17.95
x20 magnification/bi-aspheric lens 20.95

Lightweight plastic-mounted watchmakers eyeglasses with choice of lenses for various hands-free inspection and repair tasks. These loupes are very popular for close examination of watches, jewellery and electronic components, and first choice among bird fanciers who use them to evaluate pigeon eye sign and apply medication. Refer to the focal length to see which one best suits your needs - please select the lower magnification if you need some distance (e.g. for tools) between the magnifier and the object.

PRODUCT BLOG Watchmakers Eyeglass

Fancy that - a magnifier for pigeons eyes?

When a company called Petron Lofts enquired about magnifiers we actually thought we were going to be talking to a firm of builders. Imagine our surprise when we found out that the only lofts Petron specialises in are ones for racing pigeons. We were also intrigued to find that pigeon fanciers use magnifiers to evaluate pigeon eye sign

What is pigeon eye sign?

In the world of pigeon racing some feel the eye of the pigeon can tell a great deal. For example long-distance breeders tend to prefer pigeons with smaller pupils because they think large pupils show nervousness and lack of willpower, neither of which are helpful characteristics for staying in front in races of say 100 miles and upwards. Many also look closely at the iris, which is the coloured ring around the pupil. Some pigeon fanciers say that a more richly-coloured iris denotes a stronger, more confident character than duller-coloured irises and hence the better at racing the pigeon is likely to be. It is also felt that the colour density on the eye can tell a breeder about blood supply, which is important because racing pigeons burn oxygen and energy so the better this works the better the performance of the bird.


What is the best magnifying glass for pigeon eye sign?

Probably the most obvious consideration when looking for eye sign is that the pigeon needs to be held so a hands-free loupe is essential. Our range of magnifying eyeglasses, also popular with watchmakers, should cover most requirements and features a choice of different strengths. Something like a 4x or 7x eye glass would be fine for applying medication or diagnosing problems early on; choose stronger magnifications of 10x, 15x or 20x for closer examination perhaps to identify that next big race winner?


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