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Professional LED Headband Magnifier with Bi-plate & Loupe
Professional LED Headband Magnifier with Bi-plate & LoupeProfessional LED Headband Magnifier with Bi-plate & LoupeProfessional LED Headband Magnifier with Bi-plate & LoupeProfessional LED Headband Magnifier with Bi-plate & LoupeProfessional LED Headband Magnifier with Bi-plate & Loupe

Professional LED Headband Magnifier with Bi-plate & Loupe

Multi-featured head mounted magnifying glass for professional applications
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15 different levels of magnification

High class, professional headband magnifier with five different lenses, which can be combined for incremental magnification from 1.5x to 13x. Headband itself features a front visor lens, with a bi-plate fitting so three further interchangeable lenses can be attached, creating extra magnifying power. An additional round loupe swings down and over so you can see the tiniest parts or detail too. The bi-plate unit flips up and out of the way when you just want to revert back to natural vision. Keep lenses clean and safe, with the polishing cloth and lens case, which are included in this set.

Precision illumination, hands free

For even more accuracy, a white LED on the front lights up and casts pinpoint white light over your subject. Use when extra illumination will make a difference, or for when you want to continue with your work or a hobby, but need more light to resist eye fatigue. Control the lighting strength with a two-step brightness adjuster in an easy-reach position just above the LED. No batteries are required - recharge the light with a USB cable supplied.

Cushioned head band promotes comfort

This head-mounted magnifier features a cushioned inner lining, enabling you to wear it in comfort for prolonged periods. Get the perfect fit by using the side and reverse wheels to adjust headband till it feels right. Wear for hands free lab projects, for professional repair, craft or restoration, for light industrial engineering and electronics, and for hobbies like modelling, nail art and airbrushing.

MagnificationWorking Distance (mm/inches) MagnificationWorking Distance (mm/inches) MagnificationWorking Distance (mm/inches)
1.0x300-350mm (12- 14")3.5x 135-145mm (5- 6")6.0x 60-85mm (2"- 3")
1.5x 240-260mm (9"- 10")4.0x 125-135mm (5- 5")8.0x 55-70mm (2- 3")
2.0x 215-235mm (8"- 9")4.5x 110-130mm (4- 5")9.0x 50-65mm (2- 2")
2.5x 205-225mm (8- 9")5.0x 100-120mm (4- 4")9.5x 45-60mm (2- 2")
3.0x 160-180mm (6- 7")5.5x 80-95mm (3- 4")10.0x - 13.0x 35-55mm (1"- 2")

  • Professional head mounted magnifying glasses with LED
  • Fixed front visor, and swing loupe plus three additional lenses
  • Versatile lens combinations for 15 different levels of magnification
  • Magnification from 1.5x to 13x
  • Focal length/working distances from 35 - 350mm (1- 14")
  • Quality precision grounded lenses for pro use
  • Lenses flip up when not required
  • Rechargeable LED spotlight with two-stage brightness
  • Smart white finish with inner black cushioned headband
  • Adjustable wheels to change visor angle and headband fit
  • Includes lens case, cleaning cloth and USB
  • For high concentration tasks like model making, watch repair, circuit board checks and craftwork
  • Weight: 0.44kg


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