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Pocket LED Magnifier
Pocket LED Magnifier Pocket LED Magnifier Pocket LED Magnifier

Pocket LED Magnifier

Compact, travel-friendly illuminated magnifier
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You can truly 'travel light' with this terrific little illuminated wallet magnifier. Barely bigger than a credit card yet incorporating a 3x/6x lens and a bright white LED light it's just the ticket for checking maps, bills, menus and timetables. Actual size: 85 x 55 x 8mm - the perfect magnifying gift! Takes one replaceable button cell battery (supplied). Protective travel case included. Save £2 on normal RRP of £8.95.

  • Handy pocket magnifier with LED light and protective pouch
  • Barely bigger than a credit card just 85 x 55 x 8mm
  • Square lens approx. 2/45 x 45mm (3x magnification)
  • Also includes an additional 20mm round lens for close-up magnification (6x)
  • Smart, modern satin silver finish
  • Hole for neck cord or lanyard (not supplied)
  • Takes two replaceable button cell batteries (supplied)
  • A great little magnifier for travel and shopping
  • Attractive hanging gift pack

PRODUCT BLOG Pocket LED Magnifier

A handy little magnifier for travel and outdoor sports

From time to time we are told that people do not use paper maps so much any more. For some forms of travel that may indeed be true - though it only takes one dead end instruction on a Satnav or a failed battery on a Smartphone to make you realise that it is always a good idea to have a Plan (or map) B. One of our customers who would certainly subscribe to this would be Belinda, from Cheshire, who asked this:

Just wondering if you could advise on the following. I am a mountain biker, needing glasses to read. When cycling using an OS Map it is a nuisance to have to keep getting my glasses out in order to read the map. Are any of your products suitable for putting in shorts pocket to use when needed and with a decent magnifying level?'


We think this little illuminated pocket magnifier should do the trick. It's small so it fits in a pocket; it's got two magnification strengths so it will cover tiny detail; it's easy to use, with an in-built light if it gets dark; and ours even includes a hole for a neck or hand cord if you have one. If the weather takes a turn for the worse there's also a protective travel case to help keep the rain off.

As more and more people take to outdoor pursuits, and the further out you go, isn't there some reassurance to be had in that even when electronic devices become less dependable there are still older, more traditional combinations - such as maps and magnifying glasses - that we can still rely on?


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