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NEW Round Hand-held Magnifier
NEW Round Hand-held Magnifier NEW Round Hand-held Magnifier NEW Round Hand-held Magnifier

NEW Round Hand-held Magnifier

US-made round plastic magnifiers with optical grade lenses, some with bifocal inserts
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2"/50mm (3x) - £8.95

Clearly the best? These no-nonsense American-made plastic magnifying glasses are truly in a class of their own. For more than 40 years they have been renowned for their outstandingly simple design and super-clear shatter-proof lenses. They are ideal for anyone who just wants a sensibly-priced hand-held magnifier with perfect clarity and distortion-free magnification. All of them have scratch-resistant lenses of 2x or 3x magnification made from water-clear optical grade acrylic. The two larger sizes each feature a built-in bi-focal spot lens going right up to 5x strength for close-up magnification of minute objects. A lightweight, moulded handle is just right for comfort and balance and there's even a hole in the handle that enables the magnifier to be worn or hung. Available in two popular sizes - small (2"/50mm), medium (3"/75mm) - to cover most everyday general magnifying tasks around the office, garden or home. The 3"/75mm version includes a FREE credit card magnifier, which surely makes this one of the best-value magnifiers anywhere in the UK. CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: 2"/50mm size

  • Round hand-held magnifiers with optical grade acrylic lenses
  • Molded plastic handle with hole for neck or hand cord (not supplied)
  • Choice of two sizes - 2-inch, 3-inch
  • Larger size include a bifocal insert lens
  • Unbreakable, scratch-resistant
  • Great for reading small print, contracts, telephone directories, stock listings, maps and charts, stamps and coins
  • Made in the USA

PRODUCT BLOG Round Hand-held Plastic Magnifier

Round Hand-held Plastic Magnifier better by inches?

The older we get the more likely we are to need a magnifying glass. This is because the crystalline lens within the eye becomes less flexible with age, making it harder to focus clearly on close objects. The pupil also becomes smaller, thereby restricting the amount of light which can get through, so you may find that you need more light to be able to see clearly. Its a natural condition known as presbyopia and can occur at any age though typically it will start when people reach their 40s.

This being the case then many of the most likely users of magnifiers today are those for whom the imperial system of measurement is still etched firmly in the memory. We would think that most of the people who ask us about magnifying glasses are more likely to understand a measurement given in inches than centimetres or millimetres, even though we express both across our product range.

These round plastic magnifying glasses are very much from the old school when it comes to measurements. They are made in the USA, which - unlike the UK - has never been obliged to move to metric measurements. Hence the 2-inch, 3-inch and 4-inch size descriptions for these dependable plastic magnifying glasses will surely resonate with many people who still remember the days when the imperial system was the main one used in Britain.


The Metric Martyrs

However in 1995 a directive from the European Union stated that goods sold in the EU should indicate metric weights and measurements and that imperial ones would be phased out by 2009. Most European countries had already adopted the metric system but in Britain this decision caused something of an uproar things like pints of beer, a gallon of petrol, and half a pound of sugar were all still deeply engrained in the British way of life. An unofficial campaign, fuelled by the UK press, began to oppose what was seen as undue interference from Brussels; perhaps people felt that if they ceded an inch, Brussels would take a yard? Many shop and market traders, including five individuals who became known as the Metric Martyrs and tried unsuccessfully to take their case to the European Court of Human Rights, felt this anger. One of them Steve Thobun , a market trader from Sunderland, died aged just 39 shortly after losing his appeal.

Eventually the European Commission relented somewhat allowing Britain and Ireland to retain many of its traditional imperial measures. For the record here is a quick conversion table for anyone who wants to convert the imperial diameter of a magnifying glass to a metric one. convert_inches_to_centimetres


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