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Optivisor Pro-Headband Magnifier
Optivisor Pro-Headband MagnifierOptivisor Pro-Headband MagnifierOptivisor Pro-Headband MagnifierOptivisor Pro-Headband Magnifier

Optivisor Pro-Headband Magnifier

Precision binocular headband magnifier system for hands-free viewing
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Optivisor with 2.5x magnification lens - £79.95
Spare lens : 1.5x (DA-2)/ focal length 500mm/20" - £34.95
Spare lens: 1.75x (DA-3)/ focal length 350mm/14" - £34.95
Spare lens: 2.0x (DA-4) / focal length 250mm/10" - £34.95
Spare lens: 2.5x (DA-5)/focal length 200mm/8" - £29.77
Spare lens: 2.75x (DA-7)/ focal length 150mm/6" - £32.73
Spare lens: 3.5x (DA-10)/ focal length 100mm/4" - £31.84
Round single lens (LP-1): 2.5x magnification - £29.95

Precision binocular magnifier keeps both hands free

The Optivisor Pro-Headband Magnifier meets the demands of professionals in science labs, craft studios, production lines and engineering workshops for a hardy system of interchangeable lenses for close-up, hands-free work. It comprises a lightweight, adjustable headband with padded orthopaedic felt inner for comfort, and a tough, pull-down plastic lens visor. The visor can hold a selection of different-strength prismatic optical glass lenses, to magnify near-view components, objects and text. The lenses are mounted on the front in a plastic frame and can easily be removed and replaced with other lenses offering different magnifications.

Tilting lens at your fingertips

The Optivisor can be worn over normal prescription or safety eyeglasses and pivots up and out of the way when not required, enabling the user to quickly alternate between normal vision and extra magnification. The interchangeable lenses are ground and polished to precision optical standards and go up in half sizes from 1.5x to 3.5x magnification, with working focal lengths ranging from 20 inches down to just 4". As an example, lens code DA4 magnifies two times (2x) at a working distance of about 10"/25cm.

Extra magnification - single eye lens

If even more magnification is required an auxiliary single-eye round lens adds a further 2.5x magnification over and above the figures shown below. The standard Optivisor comes with the popular 2.5x lens plate already included. Other lenses can be purchased as separate add-ons.

  • Hands-free headband binocular visor with snap-in magnifying lens plates
  • Lenses made from ground, optical polished glass for improved focus and reduced eye strain
  • Head size adjuster on band to ensure universal fit
  • Visor tilts out of way when not needed
  • 20" focal length for a variety of uses
  • Soft material head band for comfort over sustained periods
  • Can be worn over spectacles
  • Leaves both hands free, perfect for intricate tasks
  • Frees hands for tasks like model making, fly tying, jewellery repair, quality control, manufacturing and assembly
  • Made in USA by Donegan Optical


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