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Microloupe Magnifier 10x / 15x
Microloupe Magnifier 10x / 15x Microloupe Magnifier 10x / 15x Microloupe Magnifier 10x / 15x Microloupe Magnifier 10x / 15x

Microloupe Magnifier 10x / 15x

Illuminated inspection magnifier with 10x or 15x lens
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10x LED Loupe 1"/26mm lens - £27.95
15x LED Loupe 21mm lens - £29.95

High strength illuminated magnifying glass

Small, powerful handheld magnifying loupe with durable ABS body, bright LED and high quality 10x or 15x magnification glass lens. The 10x magnifier is an excellent all-round loupe with a 1"/26mm two-piece surface lens of mimimal distortion, making it suitable for enlarging miniscule objects and text such as that found in passports, on electrical wiring and printed circuit boards. The 15x magnifier has a smaller 21mm triplet lens and features a circular clear plastic base to help the user find the proper focal distance when viewing industrial components, fingerprints, jewellery hallmarks, print resolution and other tiny objects.

Pouch included for protection and portability

Supplied with protective case, which incorporates a belt loop, making it a suitable 'field' tool for scientists, biologists, electricians, plumbers, geologists, engineers and forensic teams. It's also the perfect magnifier for coin collectors: the lens and light highlights minute markings and details, and it's small enough to fit your pocket if you need a magnifier to check authenticity at coin fairs and auctions. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not supplied).

  • Pocket-sized illuminated magnifier with ultra-strong lenses
  • White LED highlights minute objects and gives up to 4000 hours usage life
  • 10x version features two-piece optical glass lens, surface treated for protection against marks and scratches
  • 15x version features compound triple lens for sharp image
  • Focal length: 10x = 22mm approx; 15x = 14mm approx..
  • Virtually no distortion or chromatic aberration
  • Durable ABS body makes this a tough companion in any working environment
  • Individually supplied in protective case with belt loop
  • Great for inspecting coins, jewellery, industrial items, antique hallmarks, stamps, print, fossils, documents and insects
  • Take 3 x AAA batteries (not supplied)
  • Run time: 40-50 hours under continuous use

PRODUCT BLOG Microloupe LED Magnifier

Good afternoon. We have a specific magnifying requirement...

This is how many enquiries about magnifiers begin, and we are constantly intrigued by the differing uses that people have for our magnifiers. This one came from Colin, a principal at a safety consultancy, and certainly fitted our 'never had this question before' category:

'Our Company's main activity is assessing the impact risk associated with window panes. For many such low-level panes installed within public, local authority and commercial premises, there is a mandatory requirement that safety marks must be permanently visible and legible on each pane. These marks are often very small and indistinct. From experience, magnifiers with lighting capability appear better, but we are always searching for small portable magnifiers to improve our ability to read through the glass panes more accurately. Can your Company recommend any specific type or grade of magnifier?'

Our response:

'Thank you for your email - that sounds like an unenviable job. How about our Microloupe LED Magnifier? It comes in a 10x or 15x version and includes a protective case which can be affixed to a belt. The 15x version includes an extra fitting with a flat surface, which would enable someone to move it consistently across a pane of glass. Lens diameter on both is very small but they should pick up any hairline marks, albeit slowly covering the area involved. You can find the two versions in the Illuminated Magnifiers section of our web site www.magnifyingglasses.co.uk

Next best option would be our Round LED Magnifiers, which have larger lenses in 7x, 5x and 4x options.

A combination of any of these should cover you pretty well'


The 15x version was purchased for the task. It is one that we have suggested on many occasions for such diverse tasks such as jewellery discrimination, engineering inspection, model-making and repair, document examination as well as more expected ones such as stamp collecting, coin and antique inspection.


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