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NEW Light-Up Magnifier
NEW Light-Up MagnifierNEW Light-Up MagnifierNEW Light-Up Magnifier

NEW Light-Up Magnifier

Magnifying glass with light that fits into a pocket
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Small magnifying glass with light

Take a closer look at small print, photos, stamps, insects and maps with this elegant little handheld illuminated magnifying glass. Finished in smart satin silver with a black plated handle it features a bright white LED to help highlight and enlarge fine detail. Operate light by sliding up simple push button switch at top of handle.

Batteries included

Lightweight, durable plastic construction. 48mm/2" lens. Approx. 3 time (3x) magnification. Use to enlarge small print on packaging, to identify markings on antiques, to view insects in the garden, or read instructions on home appliances. Attractive retail/gift packaging - Magnifico brand. Takes two CR2016 button cell batteries (supplied).


  • Illuminated magnifying glass with bright white LED light
  • Light switch under thumb on handle
  • Slimline design, stylish satin silver finish and black handle
  • Lens diameter: 48mm/2"
  • 3x magnification
  • Weight: 50g approx (with batteries)
  • Overall length: 150mm/6" approx.
  • Takes two CR2016 button cell batteries (supplied)
  • Pull tap to activate batteries on start-up
  • Attractive full colour Magnifico branded hanging pack

PRODUCT BLOG Light-Up Magnifier

The 'kitchen drawer' magnifier: re-invented

Perhaps the first magnifier you ever encountered was the heavy old one at your grandparents' house, which got taken out one summer when you were about 5 to count spots on ladybirds in the garden. Other than that you can't ever recall it seeing the light of day. Well - apart from a decade or so on when you were bored at Grandma's one afternoon and decided to check the boasts of that older boy at school who said he had managed to use a magnifying glass to set grass on fire. Moving swiftly on...

A modern day magnifier for any home

Chances were that the magnifier Grandma had no longer exists, or even if it does it's got a few chinks and marks and it's not quite as robust as it was. So how about our Light-Up Magnifier as a modern alternative? Sure it's lighter in weight and it now has a plastic instead of a glass lens but the lens is set inside a high rim so it's fairly well protected from being dropped on the floor or patio. Far from it staying in the drawer you'll find a surprising number of uses for it, including checking calories on food labels, making sure your receipts are right and following tiny instructions on medicine bottles.

Extra light when needed

The LED light will come in handy on duller days, and of course in any power cut it's always re-assuring to know where to find an extra source of illumination if you can't get your hands on a torch or candle. There's one other attribute that makes this magnifying glass an easy addition to your home: at less than 5.00 it's so affordable - perhaps just by cleaning out those drawers and finding all the loose change that's also there.


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