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NEW LED Magnifying Lamp with long-reach arm (UK only)
NEW LED Magnifying Lamp with long-reach arm (UK only)  NEW LED Magnifying Lamp with long-reach arm (UK only)  NEW LED Magnifying Lamp with long-reach arm (UK only)  NEW LED Magnifying Lamp with long-reach arm (UK only)

NEW LED Magnifying Lamp with long-reach arm (UK only)

Large magnifier lamp with extending arm and LED light
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OUR PRICE 139.95

This energy-efficient LED magnifying lamp has a dual dimmer function plus two interchangeable 5"/125mm lenses giving the user the options of 1.75x or 2.25x magnification strengths. With a long-reach arm extending up to 1.25 metres it's the perfect lamp for workshop, office or home. For the environment-conscious illumination comes from a 90 piece LED providing crisp, white light but generating between only 1 and 9 watts depending on whether the soft or bright dimmer is being used. The lens itself has an integrated handle so it can be pulled over or away from the subject matter without fumbling for something to grip. When not in use a sun protector cap protects the lens from dust, grime and sun light. Supplied with an adjustable table clamp, dual UK/EU euro-plug and a 1.5m cable. NOTE: AVAILABLE MAY/JUNE

  • 90 piece bright LED - energy efficient, only 1-9w
  • Dual dimmer function from soft white to daylight
  • Quality 125mm (5") removable 3 dioptre lens (1.75x mag.)
  • Includes additional 125mm (5") 5 dioptre lens (2.25x mag.)
  • Cover keeps lens free from dust when not in use
  • Long reach arm extends to 125cm
  • Sturdy joints for durability, flexibility & positioning - ideal for close-up intricate tasks
  • Low heat emission for working in comfort
  • Mains-powered with a 1.5m cable
  • Weight: 3019 grams
  • Dimensions: 740mm x 90mm x 50mm

PRODUCT BLOG LED Magnifying Lamp with long-reach arm

The dim magnifier lamp that's actually quite smart

There seem to be all kind of 'smart' products these days - phones, cars, fridges, meters - but how about a cheer for one that's a little dim? We held back a little on introducing an LED magnifying lamp because the daylight bulbs on our lamps already offer very natural, comfortable white working light. We thought a large magnifier lamp with a ring of LEDs might just be too harsh for close-up work. That was until we found a lamp with the facilty to dim the light setting to Soft, with further upgrades to Bright and Daylight as and when required. The differing light levels are shown in the series of images below.


This makes it a lamp that you can use all year round, in both home and work environments. Use the Soft setting (3200-3400 Kelvin) on a summer evening when there's plenty of natural light still available; try Bright (3500-4100 Kelvin) when you need to throw as much light as possible over an area; or use Daylight (5000-5400 Kelvin) when you need to simulate the most natural everyday working light. Such is the versatility of this lamp that it can be used for all kinds of magnifying,low-light or low-vision tasks, including reading, writing, crafting, modelling, sewing, tapestry, jewellery-making,component inspection, engineering and light industrial work, airbrushing, beauty salon applications, nail art, stamp and coin collecting, painting and smaller DIY tasks.


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