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Extra Strong Magnifier Sheet
Extra Strong Magnifier SheetExtra Strong Magnifier Sheet

Extra Strong Magnifier Sheet

Rigid-style fresnel lens magnifying sheet
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Tough injection-moulded sheet magnifier with a shatter-resistant 2mm thick optical quality fresnel lens. For detailed viewing of large areas of text and pictures. Rigid surface enables one-handed positioning above printed matter without 'flexing'. Size: 10¾ x 8¼"/275 x 210mm (nearly A4 size). Magnification: 2x. As this magnifier is made from a strong, single sheet of thick it is robust enough to withstand cleaning in offices and hospitals, where it is sometimes used to read patient charts and notes. SAVE £2 ON NORMAL RRP £9.99.

  • Higher quality, shatter-resistant 2x magnifier sheet
  • Fresnel lens gathers light towards centre
  • Made from optical-grade acrylic, approximately 2mm thick
  • Focal length: 300mm
  • Rigid construction enables sheet to be held with one hand
  • Hold lens just above subject to magnify
  • Large, almost A4 size: 10 x 8"/27.5 x 21cm
  • Weight: 105g
  • Supplied in protective printed sleeve, multilingual text

PRODUCT BLOG Extra Strong Magnifier Sheet

Our best quality fresnel magnifying lens

This rigid magnifying sheet is 2mm thick enabling it to be held and used over the subject matter with just one hand (this one does not flex like other fresnel lenses made from thinner material normally PVC). It is made from optical-grade plastic and has extra thin concentric lines on the surface that improve viewing clarity, especially around the centre of the lens.

Just remind me what a fresnel lens is

Fresnel lenses are made up of hundreds of concentric grooves, etched onto a flat surface, to gather and direct light towards the centre. These grooves are easier to produce on plastic surfaces than glass ones, often over a much larger area than exists within the capability of a normal magnifying lens. Hence they are helpful when a thin, lightweight magnifier is required, perhaps to view a bigger subject or a large block of text.

The overall image quality is rarely as good as that from a conventional glass or plastic lens but in many applications a fresnel lens is a cheaper option, perfectly adequate for general low-level magnification requirements. We have had our Extra Strong Magnifier Sheet in our range since we began and the improved viewing quality from its thicker lens shows through time and again.


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