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Linereader Bar Magnifier
Linereader Bar Magnifier

Linereader Bar Magnifier

Magnifying bar with highlighter strip to help children and adults to focus and read text
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Magnifying strip for reading

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best: this bar magnifier has a transparent yellow line, which is particularly helpful for anyone who easily loses their place while reading. Suddenly the words seem so much easier to see! This is a great reading magnifier for children and students, especially those with 'tracking' issues or who may have difficulty focusing on letters. Parents have also reported that bar magnifiers, and others like it, have proven helpful to children with dyslexia.

Scroll along page to magnify and highlight text

As an extra bonus this bar magnifier is only 8mm longer than a Bic ballpoint pen so it will fit discreetly into a pencil case. It's also ideal for scrolling down numerical lists, charts and statistical tables. In the US it is widely used in church and bible study groups. Made from optical acrylic, measures 6"/150mm and offers 2x magnification.

  • Small bar magnifier with yellow highlighter line to help read text
  • Can help students and children with tracking and focusing
  • Measures 6"/150mm
  • Made from optical quality acrylic
  • Highlights text and helps reader keep place on page
  • Scratch-resistant flat side
  • Helps reader to concentrate and focus on words and letters
  • Manufactured by UltraOptix
  • Semi-cylindrical design doubles the height of text

PRODUCT BLOG Linereader Bar Magnifier

Can you recommend a magnifier to help children (or adults) with reading difficulties?

Most people probably think magnifiers just make things bigger and clearer for people with poor or failing eyesight but often they can help in other ways too. The Linereader Bar Magnifier is a very popular item for general reading but we find it is also frequently specified by SENCOs (Special Education Needs Co-ordinators) in schools to help children learn to read. Some children have visual processing disorders that mean they can only concentrate on one word or line at a time; others may have lost their central vision and so need a magnifier to help direct the eye back towards specific parts of the text.

Why is the highlighter line yellow?

The guide line on this magnifier is yellow. Just like on a highlighter pen if it was too dark then the text would not stand out so well.

Some people with low vision experience decreased colour perception but as a general rule brighter colours like yellow or orange are usually more visible than pastels. The yellow line on the Linereader Bar Magnifier contrasts starkly against black text, which will help the reader to see and pick out the words.


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