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Jumbo Magnifier
Jumbo MagnifierJumbo Magnifier

Jumbo Magnifier

Extra large hand-held magnifying glass with an integral spot lens for stronger magnification
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Looking for a large magnifying glass?

You won't find much bigger than this hand-held magnifier with its huge 120mm/4¾" diameter lens. A big magnifying lens means that less hand movement is required to scan text or images. Over sustained periods this can save eyes from getting tired. For added comfort, the Jumbo Magnifier also comes with a perfectly-weighted, contoured handle, and rubberised grip. It is a well-designed, large magnifying glass to read newspaper print, enlarge maps, and magnify other objects on a wider scale.

Integrated bifocal insert lens

The main lens magnifies the subject twice (2x) original size, and also features a much smaller, integrated bi-focal lens, to pick out tiny detail and magnify it six times (6x).

The smart black-and-silver, two-tone finish exudes style and quality. And you won't lose it easily either: there's a small hole at the bottom of the handle, which enables a cord or string to be inserted if required. This feature has made this a popular and practical accessory, in areas where a stream of people may find some extra magnification helpful. Find this hand magnifying glass at hotel receptions, hospital help desks, museums and galleries, where visitors need to get a better look at documents, forms, exhibits and displays.

  • Probably the biggest hand-held magnifier in the UK
  • Features an enormous 120mm/4" diameter acrylic lens
  • Ideal for viewing large areas of text or images
  • Up to 2x magnification from main lens
  • Also incorporates a small but powerful 6x bifocal lens for fine detail
  • Soft-grip handle
  • Shatterproof lens
  • Hole in handle for neck or hand cord (not supplied) - ideal for museums and exhibitions looking for a magnifier to attach to a display
  • Attractive retail blister pack

PRODUCT BLOG Jumbo Magnifier

Do you have a very large hand magnifying glass with very high magnification?

That is probably the most common question we are asked but unfortunately the short answer is no. As a general rule (of physics) the larger the lens the lower the magnification so - unless NASA has one in development that we do not know about - a compromise between lens size and magnification strength may be necessary. There are some specialist medical or electronic magnifiers that might reduce the compromise you have to make but they will also greatly reduce your bank balance by upwards of 1000. It did prompt us to start thinking, not too seriously, about some other things which as far as we know do not exist but perhaps they should:

Gaps in the market?

  • The Tinned Fruit Cookbook
  • Estate agency that shows pictures of the sellers as well as the property
  • RecipePresto - you send a website all the loose ends you have in your fridge or cupboard and - hey presto! - it comes up with recipes to help you get rid of them
  • Heat-your-own Espresso to go (or does it exist?)
  • espresso_to_go
  • Stick-on universal wing mirror that fits any car
  • Series of greetings cards for skin artists themed Happy Birthday Tattoo You
  • Does big mean better?

    No - the key in choosing a magnifying glass is to find the one that is right for you. Our Jumbo Magnifier enables the user to view large areas of text, pictures, maps and photos, without having to keep moving the lens up, down or across the page. In this respect it's a very good magnifier to keep the user engaged with the subject matter, which is probably why it's been a favourite in museums, galleries, libraries and records offices.


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