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Jewellers Loupe
Jewellers Loupe

Jewellers Loupe

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Single Lens 15mm (10x) - 14.95
Double Lens 9/15mm (10x/20x) - 18.95

Precision magnifying loupes with high powered lenses offering up to 20x magnification. Chrome-plated metal lens housing. Case for added protection. For professional examination of jewels, fibres, watches and other close-up analysis.

PRODUCT BLOG Jewellers Loupes

Can I feature my company logo on a jewellers loupe?

Sometimes we are approached by organisations that want an 'executive' corporate gift with their logo or brand name featured on the item. Often they are looking for an item of very high quality but the quantity is quite low - say 25, 50 or maybe 100pcs - so conventional printing is not cost-effective. Our jewellers loupes perfectly fit such a requirement but their shiny metal surface means that normal ink would not hold fast anyway: imagine trying to write with a felt tip pen on a glossy surface and you'll get an idea of the problem. Fortunately we have a newer, more attractive solution, which gives a very classy finish: laser engraving.

How does laser engraving differ from traditional engraving?

In simplistic terms traditional engraving requires either a precise machine or even a person to effectively 'cut' into an item and carve out some of the material to leave a final impression. It is still a great choice for many items - football fans will be familiar with the TV shot at the end of the FA Cup Final showing someone (apparently) engraving by hand the name of the winning team on the cup itself. We always wonder what would happen if the person slipped or sneezed while doing it but that's another story.

There is much less chance of anything like that with laser engraving, a modern, computerised, non-contact technique which uses a high-speed laser beam to burn away the top layer from the metal. Manufacturers can pre-set the laser machine so that it takes just fractions of a millimetre off the surface, leaving a very light impression and a beautiful, etching-like finish. The picture below shows a couple of jobs we have done for clients, who have been delighted with the pinpoint-accurate results.


We only use laser engraving on selected items like jewellers loupes but it's super-fine precision has made it the preferred solution nowadays for corporate gift engraving of other glossy products including glassware, crystal and acrylic plus many metal picture frames, pens and knives.


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