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Floorstanding LED Magnifying Lamp (UK only)
Floorstanding LED Magnifying Lamp (UK only)Floorstanding LED Magnifying Lamp (UK only)Floorstanding LED Magnifying Lamp (UK only)Floorstanding LED Magnifying Lamp (UK only)Floorstanding LED Magnifying Lamp (UK only)

Floorstanding LED Magnifying Lamp (UK only)

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A floor standing magnifier lamp ideal for sewing, beading, dress-making, lace-making, embroidery and quilting

Here's the latest version of this cleverly-designed, contemporary-style floor-standing magnifier lamp for craft and hobby use. Large 6"/150mm lens provides 2x magnification and is surrounded by 21 little LED bulbs for maximum brightness, minimal heat and silent white, daylight-effect lighting. A flexible gooseneck arm allows the lens to be re-positioned at almost any angle, while an integral handle near the lens is helpful for more precise positioning.

3-in-1 magnifying floor Lamp, table lamp & desk lamp - FREE extra accessories included

Users can set the lamp up in various ways to suit their needs by virtue of a highly versatile selection of supplied accessories. These include a power adaptor for mains use and a battery box for cordless use; plus a giant plastic clamp that enables it to be converted easily to a clip-on table-top lamp. There's also a table base so you can shorten the height of the pole and turn it into a free standing desk magnifying lamp too if required.

Requires simple construction - illustrated instructions are provided. Delivery method: courier.

  • Free-standing, magnifying lamp with 21 LEDs
  • Perfect for hobbyists, art and crafters
  • 6"/150mm lens
  • 2x magnification
  • 170 lumens brightness/li>
  • Flexible gooseneck arm
  • Power adaptor for mains use or battery box for cordless use
  • Can also be used as a clip-on table lamp or free-standing desk lamp
  • Height: approx. 80cm for pole plus 45cm for flexible arm
  • Weight: 3.4kg

PRODUCT BLOG Floor-stand LED Magnifier Lamp

Floor lamp, table lamp and desk lamp - all in one magnifier

In life you cannot have it all - or can you? This 3-in-1 magnifying lamp seems to have everything: it is supplied with a floor/table base and a desk clamp which allows you to use it either as a free standing floorlamp, as a clip-on table lamp or as a hands-free desk top magnifier.


Most people will probably use it a floor lamp but it is just good to know that the other options are available. This versatility has made this magnifying lamp a big success with art and craft lovers, who find it flexible in many more ways than just the 47cm gooseneck arm which allows for precise positioning of the lens.

"This one goes up to 11..."

The specification is very good, with a large view 5-inch/12.5 cm optical quality acrylic lens offering 2x magnification, with 21 LEDs - sorry we could not resist the joke about 11 from the movie 'Spinal Tap' - around the lens for maximum brightness/minimum heat generation. The lamp works from the mains by means of a supplied mains AC adapter but for people on the go there is a battery pack too, powered by 4 Size C dry batteries (batteries not supplied).

How heavy is this magnifying lamp? Will I be able to move it?

Yes, at just 2.4 kg you certainly won't be needing to sit down for a rest. Most of the weight has been concentrated in the base and the various other components are all made from light weight materials which makes it easy to move around the home without much effort.



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