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Eschenbach Vario Plus Illuminated Stand Magnifier
Eschenbach Vario Plus Illuminated Stand MagnifierEschenbach Vario Plus Illuminated Stand MagnifierEschenbach Vario Plus Illuminated Stand MagnifierEschenbach Vario Plus Illuminated Stand Magnifier

Eschenbach Vario Plus Illuminated Stand Magnifier

System magnifier - handles and lens have to be ordered separately
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158263: LENS/Rectangular 100 x 75mm with reading line, 2.8x - £59.00
158063: LENS/Rectangular 100 x 50mm, 3x - £59.00
155993: LENS/Round 80mm with reading line, 3x - £39.00
155493: LENS/Round 70mm with reading line, 4x - £39.00
155393: LENS/Round 60mm with reading line, 5x - £29.00
155273: LENS/Round 50mm, 6x - £29.00
155173: LENS/Round 35mm, 7x - £29.00
155073: LENS/Round 35mm 10x - £29.00
155773: LENS/Round 35mm 12.5x - £29.00
159910: HANDLE/Tungsten (requires two LR14 batteries) - £39.00
1599144: HANDLE/LED requires two LR14 batteries) - £49.00
1545: SPARE BULB/Tungsten, pack 5, for 159910 above - £16.95

Rest magnifier on page and read for longer

These premium quality German-made magnifiers from Eschenbach sit directly on flat surfaces. It means that they are suitable for hands-free use, yet have similar portability to a hand held magnifying glass. As they can rest on the page, they are ideal for reading over sustained periods, especially for anyone who finds it difficult to hold a conventional magnifiers, such as those with age-related shaking or diseases like Parkinsons.

Note that lenses and handles have to be ordered separately.

Modular magnifying system - choose a handle, then choose a lens

When ordering please remember that handles and lenses have to be ordered separately i.e. -

1. Choose a handle - either LED or tungsten

2. Choose a lens - attach lens to handle

Vario Plus is a 'mix and match', modular system of interchangeable handles, lens heads and power sources. This gives users maximum comfort and control. Once you have a handle, then you have your light source - but you still need to attach a lens. The handle works with all lens sizes so if your eyesight changes over a period of time, you simply choose and add a more powerful lens.

Handles for Vario Plus Magnifiers

HANDLES - Tungsten handles are cheapest but LED handles offer brighter, even illumination and longer-lasting battery life. Also the LED handles include separate orange and yellow filters, which you can clip over the LED, thereby giving you two additional softer lighting options. Large easy on/off switch for comfortable handling. Tungsten or LED handles require two LR14 batteries (not included).

Lenses for Vario Plus Magnifiers

LENSES - All models feature Eschenbach's lightweight PXM aspheric lenses coated on both sides for extra durability. Some models have a retractable red line for easier reading while rectangular versions have a built-in extra swivel lens to help master smaller text or different orientation of printed matter. All lenses offer first-class optical performance, with distortion-free imaging and edge-to-edge sharpness.

Prices shown include a 10% discount off the normal list price. Note: please remember that lenses and handles have to be ordered separately.

  • Modular magnifying system - buy handle and lenses separately
  • Handle available with powerful white LED or tungsten light source
  • LED handle includes additional orange and yellow light filters
  • Magnifiers can rest on page, making reading over longer periods easier
  • Choice of Round or Rectangular lenses, up to 12.5x magnification
  • Round lenses over 58mm feature red line for reading guidance
  • Rectangular lenses incorporate an additional pivotable lens for extra magnification

PRODUCT BLOG Eschenbach Vario Plus Magnifier

How do I order the Eschenbach Vario Plus illuminated stand magnifier?

The Eschenbach Vario Plus magnifier is described by the manufacturer as a modular system, and what that means is that the user chooses a lens and a handle separately. Our listings show both the handle and the lens as separate items: please remember to order both a lens and a handle if you have never ordered before. For the handle we always recommend the LED version, which offers a particularly bright and long-lasting white light; the lens is really down to the user and starts at 2.8x magnification. The strongest lens in the range goes up to 12.5x, which makes it one of the most powerful hand-held magnifiers available.

A hand magnifier which also rests on the page

All Vario Plus magnifiers can be hand-held or rested directly on the page so they are especially suitable for reading over long periods of time and for people with poor hand articulation who cannot hold magnifiers freely (e.g. age-related shaking or Parkinson's disease). Larger Vario Plus models -i.e.with a diameter of 58mm and above - have a retractable red reading line for easier line orientation and increased reading speed. The rectangular magnifier heads are equipped with a supplementary swivel lens for additional magnification.


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