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Eschenbach Mobilux LED Magnifier
Eschenbach Mobilux LED MagnifierEschenbach Mobilux LED MagnifierEschenbach Mobilux LED MagnifierEschenbach Mobilux LED Magnifier

Eschenbach Mobilux LED Magnifier

Award-winning LED magnifiers from Germany
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Ref.15112: 3x/12d, 2"/60mm lens - LIST 76.20; OUR PRICE 65.78
Ref.15113: 3.5x/10d, 3 x 2"/75 x 50mm lens - LIST 77.40; OUR PRICE 68.90
Ref.15114: 4x/16d, 3 x 2"/75 x 50mm lens - LIST 97.02; OUR PRICE 79.50
Ref.15115: 5x/20d, 2"/58mm lens - LIST 74.40; OUR PRICE 67.77
Ref.15117: 7x/28d, 1"/35mm lens - LIST 60.42; OUR PRICE 59.75
Ref.151110: 10x/38d, 1"/35mm lens - LIST 64.62; OUR PRICE 61.98
Ref.151112: 12.5x/50d, 1"/35mm lens - LIST 75.60; OUR PRICE 67.66
Ref.151141: 4x/16d, 2"/60mm lens - LIST 70.26; OUR PRICE 66.10
Ref.15116: 6x/24d 2"/58mm lens LIST PRICE 81.30; OUR PRICE- 69.95
NEW! Ref.15122: 3x/8d, 4 x 3"/90 x 54mm lens - OUR PRICE 99.75

Renowned vision quality from Eschenbach Optik

With its combination of German engineering, solid construction and enhanced lens and light performance, the Eschenbach Mobilux LED is undoubtedly one of the best quality magnifiers you can buy. They are not cheap but they should last so here it really is the case that you get what you pay for. These highly regarded lighted magnifiers have a wide choice of lenses, round and rectangular, from three times (3x) up to 12.5x magnification strength. Lenses are lightweight and aspheric for a wide field of view, and coated on both sides for maximum resistance against scratches and marks.

Flexible light options

Powerful illumination, light versatility and user-friendly styling makes these magnifiers a joy to use. The white LED light has a much longer lifespan and is brighter than a standard tungsten bulb. Additional coloured orange and yellow filters enable the colour of light to be adapted if required. Apply one for example, to tone down the light intensity if you find the glare of the LED to be too strong. The solid Mobilux body is ergonomically-designed, with a large operating switch plus easy-change battery that will appeal to people with low hand articulation. Supplied with protective case. Our prices include two 1.5V AA batteries and are around 25% lower than normal RRP.

Is there a best magnifying glass for macular degeneration?

The short answer unfortunately is: no. There is no 'one size fits all' solution for AMD but that's not to say a magnifier can't ease vision difficulties so please read on before making a decision.

For people with any kind of eye condition, we always recommend in the first instance that you visit your nearest optician or eye clinic to get a professional assessment. A qualified ophthalmologist should be able to tell you if a magnifying glass will be beneficial, and the level of magnification you need. They may even be able to give or prescribe a magnifier for you there and then.

Of course it would seem sensible to choose the best one you can. The Eschenbach Mobilux LED Magnifier often comes up in conversations people have about macular degeneration, either from professionals or other sufferers. The best we can say is that this magnifier is an option we might put forward as being more likely to help than others, but do please try to get some professional guidance first.

  • Superior lighted magnifiers available in low to very high magnification strengths
  • Energy-efficient LED illumination with in-built switch regulator to maintain constant white light
  • Scratch-resistant lenses with protective cera-tec coating
  • Adjustable filter allows light intensity to be changed
  • Large switch for easy operation
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle, easy battery change
  • Wide choice of magnifications covers everything from reading to inspection
  • Additional eyelet on the end of the handle for lanyard or neck cord (not supplied).
  • Supplied with batteries, filters and protective case
  • Winner of a prestigious Red Dot Product Design award
  • Can help ease macular degeneration and other eye conditions for some people


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