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Eschenbach Magnifier - Aspheric Lens
Eschenbach Magnifier - Aspheric LensEschenbach Magnifier - Aspheric LensEschenbach Magnifier - Aspheric Lens

Eschenbach Magnifier - Aspheric Lens

German-engineered aspheric magnifiers from Eschenbach, a world leader in optics
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Ref. 265550 Round 2"/50mm, 6x - 49.75
Ref. 265560 Round 2"/58mm, 5x - 60.22
Ref. 265570 Round 2"/70mm, 4x - 73.88
Ref. 2655750 Rectangular 3 x 2"/75 x 50mm, 3.5x - 77.42
Ref. 2655150 Rectangular 4 x 2"/100 x 50mm, 3x - 76.92
Ref. 2655175 Rectangular 4 x 3"/100 x 75mm, 2.8x - 81.82

Aspheric handheld magnifying glass

A first-class range of hand-held magnifiers from a world leader in vision technology. Magnifiers with aspheric lenses are highly-prized because they offer a wide field of view even at high magnification.

Protected lens surfaces

These Eschenbach lenses are made from high-strength PXM material, then protected on both sides with a hard surface coating to resist common cleansing agents and everyday grime. The lens is housed in an elegant matt black body, which is light and comfortable to hold, and contains a clever pull-out lug at the end of the handle into which a neck cord (supplied) can be threaded.

  • Superior quality aspheric magnifiers for reading and looking at pictures
  • Aspheric lenses allow for a large lens diameter even with high magnification
  • Up to 6x magnification
  • Round and rectangular lens options
  • Extremely lightweight, shatterproof PXM lenses provide maximum optical quality
  • Hard protective cera-tec coating on each lens promotes scratch-resistance
  • Ergonomic handles for comfortable grip in either hand
  • Widely recommended by eyecare professionals in clinics, hospitals and practices
  • Concealed, pull-out eyelet in the end of the handle for a a neck cord (supplied)

    PRODUCT BLOG Eschenbach Aspheric Magnifier

    What is an aspheric lens?

    In simple terms an aspheric lens is one that is not spherical.

    Spherical lenses have exactly the same curve all the way across the surface like a ball. This creates some areas of distortion especially around the edges of the lens, a kind of pin-cushion effect when you look through the lens at certain angles. Generally they are quite cheap to make and they are okay for occasional magnifying tasks but it is important to be aware of these limitations, especially if you need a magnifier for regular leisure or professional use.

    Aspheric lenses have a more complex surface curve, which reduces or eliminates the aberration, or distortion you get with a simpler spherical lens. It means that overall clarity is improved and there is greater image sharpness all the way from the centre right to the edges. Magnification is more consistent so they really are easier on the eye than cheaper, more basic lenses.


    Though aspheric lenses are much more expensive to design and manufacture than conventional spherical lenses it really is worth paying more for the better vision they provide. They provide high magnification across a large visual field with minimal edge distortion. They also tend to be thinner and flatter and hence lighter than bigger, bulbous spherical lenses, which is why some people choose them for their eyeglasses.

    Eschenbach-Optik optical excellence since 1913

    The Eschenbach company was founded more than a century ago and is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of magnifiers and optical vision aids. Eschenbachs class-leading range of aspheric magnifiers have specially-calculated lenses for higher magnification and distortion-free viewing. Thanks to their lightweight PXM lenses they are comfortable to use over sustained periods, while an ergonomic handle position makes them equally suitable for both right and left-handed users.


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