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Classic Magnifying Lamp (UK only)
Classic Magnifying Lamp (UK only)Classic Magnifying Lamp (UK only)

Classic Magnifying Lamp (UK only)

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Magnifying Lamp 1.75x/22w - 99.95
Table Base - 59.95
Floor Stand - 69.95
22 watt Colour Match Lamp 11.99
Wall Bracket - £19.99

This high quality round magnifying lamp is a modern interpretation of a classic design that has been a first choice for professional users since the 1940s. It features a 5"/125mm diameter glass lens (1.75x magnification) on an extending arm with a metal grab handle next to the lens so that it can be positioned quickly over the subject matter at virtually any angle. Includes a sun cap to protect lens from dust when not in use. Made mainly from robust metal with Pro-Joints for extra flexibility and positioning and an easy-clean gloss white finish for years of dependable use in any working environment, including factories, labs, schools and hospitals. Supplied with a 22 watt fluorescent daylight tube, table clamp and 1.5mm cable. The daylight tube provides perfect colour matching, low heat emission and greater eye comfort. Sun cap (not shown) protects lens.

Optional extra accessories include a Table Base and Floorstand. The Table Base allows the lamp to be placed on a desk without a clamp - a useful option for sensitive surfaces. The Floor Stand enables the lamp to be wheeled and positioned to the most convenient spot, perhaps alongside a comfortable armchair or a crowded workbench.

  • Sturdy round magnifying lamp with extending arm
  • 22 watt circular energy saving tube
  • Shadow free light with low heat emission
  • Quality 125mm (5") lens, 3 diopter (1.75x mag.)
  • Robust metal construction & grab handle for easy positioning
  • Supplied with table clamp and bulb
  • Cable length 1.5m
  • Optional accessories: spare bulb; 10kg Table Base, Floorstand, screw-down Bench Bracket, Wall Bracket

PRODUCT BLOG Classic Magnifier Lamp

Classic Magnifier Lamp a design that has not changed much since the 1940s

When looking at our magnifying lamps it is hard not to think of the world-famous Anglepoise Lamp, designed and patented back in 1932 by the British automotive engineer George Cawardine.

He came up with the idea of a spring tension mechanism at the base which allowed the head of the lamp to be moved in any number of positions, whilst remaining perfectly-balanced at all times. Some have written that its flexibility and movement seem to replicate the muscles of a human arm it is an object of beauty that has stood the test of time and been feted as a fine example of British design excellence.


A few years later the Norwegian designer Jacob Jacobsen bought the rights to manufacture and distribute these lamps across Europe and the USA. He then altered Cawardines original design and came up with the Luxo L-1, another classic task lamp, which paved the way for a range of illuminated magnifying lamps in the 1940s and 1950s.

This picture of a 1940s magnifier lamp shows that it has not changed much in outward appearance for over 60 years: indeed this cantilevered, counter-tension mechanism will be found on most office task lamps and illuminated magnifying lamps today.


Can I still get spare parts for my old magnifying lamp?

Occasionally someone does call us asking if we have spare parts for a twenty or thirty year-old lamp they really do stand the test of time but the light technology, component parts and inner workings has moved on (and probably improved) so much that such parts no longer exist. Nevertheless the basic design principles laid out by Cawardine and Jacobsen remain the same.


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