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Classic Magnifying Glass/Round Metal
Classic Magnifying Glass/Round MetalClassic Magnifying Glass/Round MetalClassic Magnifying Glass/Round Metal

Classic Magnifying Glass/Round Metal

Traditional magnifying glass with metal rim - superior quality magnifier for reading and collectors
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Chrome 2"/50mm, 2.5x lens, 8.95
Chrome 2"/63mm, 2.5x lens, 9.95
Chrome 3"/75mm, 2x lens, 10.95
Chrome 3"/90mm, 2x lens, 12.95
Chrome 4"/100mm, 1.75x lens, 14.95

The best hand held magnifying glass?

There may be other 'Sherlock Holmes'-style traditional magnifying glasses but few are better than this.

Our classic magnifier feels heavier than plastic imitations because it has a scratch-resistant glass lens and shiny chrome metal rim with a rim-guard to secure the lens and enhance the appearance. Its smart gloss black handle is spherical and comfortable to hold, while a choice of lenses helps ensure the perennial appeal of this lovely magnifying glass as an unusual, upmarket gift for readers, stamp collectors and nature lovers.

All in the line of duty

Sherlock Holmes isn't the only detective to use a magnifier. Magnifying glasses of various kinds are still used in the field and in the lab to solve real life crimes. They also turn up frequently as tools of the trade for police officers and lab technicians in TV crime dramas. We are often contacted by photographers and runners on film and television productions, especially those shot in London, when a magnifying glass is needed at short notice as a prop.

We think this high quality magnifying glass makes a super gift for super-sleuths everywhere!

  • Superior quality traditional-style hand held magnifying glass
  • Scratch-resisting glass lenses maximise light transmission
  • Durable metal rim with rimguard for smarter appearance
  • Comfortable spherical black plastic handle
  • Choice of different sizes
  • A popular everyday magnifier for readers and collectors of all ages

PRODUCT BLOG Classic Magnifier

Dont get bent out of shape with a cheap classic magnifier

When Magnifico started, way back in 1999, it was just at the time that lighter-weight magnifiers with durable plastic bodies and lenses were still in their infancy insofar as they had not completely taken over from magnifiers with glass lenses. Now it is quite different and most magnifiers are all-plastic in construction.

However this traditional-style magnifier is arguably still the one that springs to mind for most people when you say the words magnifying glass. Perhaps that is why this simple design a classic magnifier in very sense has endured.

The camera never lies?

There are many classic magnifiers out there and at first glance all of them look the same. Who said the camera never lies? Unfortunately it is not true on the Internet! Buy a cheap one though and the first thing you notice is that it is probably not very well finished it might not even be the right shape. Take a look at the two versions below. The one on the left costs less than ours (on the right) but it does not take long to see why. First of all it is not even aligned properly

Image description

The lens rim, made of lower-grade metal, may be rough or at worst sharp around the edges, and it may be mottled or marked because the polishing has not been finished correctly

Image description

Where the two ends of the round rim meet a cheap, poor quality import will have an unsightly hole visible at the top of the handle where it butts up to the lens

Image description

The handle will be more like a dark matt grey than a true gloss black like ours though of course that will not be visible in the picture. It is not a big deal perhaps but if you want to give a magnifier as a gift to someone with discerning taste it may not go unnoticed. Worst of all the cheaper classic magnifiers get peddled by companies that actually are not experts in their field they will be happy to fool the consumer by swapping a glass for a plastic lens, which may not be as good optically and certainly it will be likely to smear or get scratched.

Weve got the power

Finally be wary about claims on magnification. Even if you decide not to buy from Magnifico you should also question any offer where a lens magnification seems to be considerably more than ours. For example you might find a low-cost 3-inch traditional magnifier claiming a magnification strength of 5x against ours of 2.5x. To paraphrase Hollywood film director Sam Goldwyn: im-possible!


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