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COIL Windsor Clearview Magnifier
COIL Windsor Clearview MagnifierCOIL Windsor Clearview Magnifier

COIL Windsor Clearview Magnifier

Clear magnifier made from safe, shatterproof plastic with hole in handle for a neck cord
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5247 Clear Magnifier (2"/48mm; 4.4x lens) - £9.95
5248 Clear Magnifier (3"/70mm; 2.6x lens) - £11.95
5249 Clear Magnifier (4"/98mm; 2.3x lens) - £14.95

Child safe clear magnifying glass

Popular round magnifier made from shatter-resistant plastic. It's lightweight but sturdy too, and is often found in schools as a teaching aid for children viewing insects and nature. Apart from education and hobbies, it's also a good magnifier for everyday tasks as well as occasional use by the partially sighted. Smooth tapered handle with hole enables magnifier to be worn or hung. Choice of three good quality optical grade lenses offering 2.3x up to 4.4x magnification.

Hygienic and easy to clean

The Windsor is constructed from a single piece of molded plastic. With no additional components or areas for dust to be trapped, it's an ideal magnifier for hospitals, science labs and other environments where hygiene is critical.

  • Long-established hand magnifiers made from one-piece clear acrylic
  • Optical grade spherical plastic lenses
  • Magnification strengths from 2.3x to 4.4x
  • Three different lens diameters
  • Safe, shatterproof, lightweight - suitable for use by children
  • Easy wipe clean - made from a single piece of plastic
  • Manufacturer: COIL


Windsor Magnifier the one-piece hand magnifier suitable for medical environments

The handheld Windsor Magnifier is made from a single piece of molded plastic. This one-piece construction is easy to clean because there are no component parts into which microscopic bacteria may gather. Being made from all-clear plastic even to the naked eye it is easy to see and remove any dust or dirt particles. This makes it an ideal magnifier for use in sterile environments, such as hospital Sterilisation or Disinfection units, which have to receive, de-contaminate and process thousands of used medical devices every day, as well as creating numerous sundry packs for hospital wards, theatres and clinics.


As instruments and devices come back in to the units for processing they all have to be tracked and then tagged before they can be issued safely again. Imagine what a strain on the eyes it must be to read and register those tags and thats where a magnifying glass becomes very useful. With three different lens sizes 48mm, 70mm and 98mm - and different magnification strengths the COIL Windsor offers different options to help medical staff check numbers and records.

Many hospitals in the UK cover such magnification tasks by taking two, or even all three of the different Windsor sizes. The strongest, most powerful one is the little 48mm-diameter version, which magnifies up to 4.4 times original size. The 70mm one magnifies 2.6x, while the larger 98mm version makes everything look just over twice as big (2.3x). Go for the smallest one for the most powerful magnification, or choose the biggest if you need a comfortable view over a larger area.

As well as being easy to clean all the Windsors are made from tough, shatterproof plastic so they are likely to survive the occasional drop on a hard hospital floor. A small hole drilled into the handle enables the Windsor to be hung on a hook or even threaded with a cord of some kind so that they can always be kept around a hospital staff members body.

A day in the life

For a day in the life of a typical hospital Sterilisation and Disinfectant unit click here


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