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COIL Visual Tracking Magnifier (VTM)
COIL Visual Tracking Magnifier (VTM)COIL Visual Tracking Magnifier (VTM)

COIL Visual Tracking Magnifier (VTM)

Magnifying vision aid often recommended for those with dyslexia, macular degeneration and other visual impairments
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Track individual words or sentences

The dome-shaped Visual Tracking Magnifier has a unique 7mm central viewing strip, which highlights and contrasts text. It can be tracked across the page or rotated 90 degrees to help users break down and concentrate on individual words. The viewing strip can be regarded as a kind of filter, which helps draw the eye away from surrounding content, which can be distracting for some people. In this way the eye may be more focused, leading to reading benefits for many users.

Magnifying reading aid for schools

This award-winning product has proven to be an invaluable learning support tool for those with reading difficulties, especially young children (6-12 years) and the elderly. Visual Tracking Magnifiers are often used in schools, and special needs environments, to try and help children who struggle to pick out letters or words properly. Magnification: 1.7x.

  • Dome-shaped magnifier with 7mm central reading strip
  • Magnification: 1.7x
  • Lens size: 50.5mm/2" approx
  • Designed to help those with dyslexia, other reading difficulties and low vision
  • Reading strip keeps place on page
  • Magnifier sits directly on page
  • Durable and scratch-resistant
  • Wide field of view, easy grip base
  • Plastic cover slots over lens when not in use
  • Winner of Millenium Product award

PRODUCT BLOG COIL Visual Tracking Magnifier

Can a magnifier help my child with dyslexia?

COILs range of Visual Tracking Magnifiers was developed after many years of research by Ian Jordan, an Ayr optician also renowned as a leading authority on visual dyslexia. He is the author of various works, including Visual Dyslexia A Guide for Parents & Teachers and A Parents Guide to Vision in Autistic Spectrum Disorders, as well as being a designer and developer of specialist optical devices that measure and help those with visual dyslexia.

Visual dyslexia - reading issues

Many visual dyslexia sufferers find reading difficult because pattern glare causes blocks of text to merge and float above the page. This makes it very hard for the reader to keep their place on a line of text. Ian Jordan came up the Visual Tracking Magnifier (VTM) to modify the way the eyes engage with the text. It combines a high-strength magnifying lens with a one-centimetre viewing strip in the centre plus two patterned areas above and below that remove or block out the surrounding text and increase spatial differences between the lines. The readers eyes are concentrated on a particular line or word at a time and of course - because the magnifier sits on the page it makes it much easier for the user to keep their place, or to return to the same area of the page if they have to leave or lose concentration.

Award-winning design

The VTMs success in combating these issues earned it Millenium Product Status, an award from the Design Council. In the twenty odd years since launch it has helped countless younger children trying to get to the grips with the mechanics of reading, as well as some elderly people who have also experienced difficulties.

Magnifiers as sensory aids in schools

Magnifico offers the full range of COIL Visual Tracking Magnifiers as well as a number of other bar and dome magnifiers, all of which have proven popular amongst SENs and other specifiers of sensory devices in schools and colleges.


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