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COIL Easiview Chest Magnifier
COIL Easiview Chest Magnifier

COIL Easiview Chest Magnifier

Hands-free chest magnifier for sewing and reading with extra large rectangular lens
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A solid, well-made 'round-the-neck' magnifier with a large, high quality lens (105 x 45mm) made from optical grade acrylic offering 1.7x magnification. Adjustable neck cord. Ideal for various hands-free hobbies, including needlework, model-making, reading and craft.

  • Magnification: 1.7x
  • Dioptre: 3d
  • Lens type: spherical, rectangular
  • Lens size: 14.5 x 10.5cm / 5 x 4 inches approx
  • Material: plastic
  • Working distance: 33.3cm / 13 inches
  • Weight: 260g / 9.2oz

PRODUCT BLOG COIL Easiview Chest Magnifier

Who are chest magnifiers for?

Chest magnifiers are widely used by crafters and the visually-impaired for hobbies and fine motor tasks where both hands need to be kept free. They are ideal for sewing, embroidery, knitting and cross-stitching, and very helpful reading aids for those who find they are constantly having to re-position a hand magnifier to get it focused. They have adjustable neck cords which allow the magnifier to be positioned at the length required with feet resting on the users chest for stability

Why are most chest magnifiers round?

If you type an online search for something like 'over the neck magnifier' or 'hands free chest magnifying glass' you will find that they are overwhelmingly round in shape. The reason for this is that manufacturers make more round lenses than any other - most commonly for hand held models - so if someone asks them to produce a hands-free model they can save cost by fitting it with an existing stock lens, which happens to be round.


Round lens v Rectangular lens

But suppose you want a larger version to allow you a bigger view of the page you are hoping to read, the pattern you are trying to follow or the embroidery you are attempting to create? That's when you might decide that COIL's Easiview Chest Magnifier is better suited to your needs. It has a really outstanding 145 x 105mm spherical lens giving you a wider, more comfortable view, making it especially suitable for elderly people with poor eyesight who like to read over longer periods. The lens is a cut above anything else in this bracket, having been designed to give a clear distortion-free image fully compliant with quality standard BS EN ISO 15253:2000. This makes the COIL Easiview the very best choice amongst hands-free, rest-on-the-chest, hang-round-the-neck magnifiers if you have set your heart on a rectangular lens.

If the magnifying lens is that good won't it be expensive?

No: as if to confirm our earlier point about economies in manufacturing - this lens is the same one that COIL also uses in its Clearview Stand Magnifier and it was previously also used on a flexible stand magnifier (until the factory making the base was unable to supply).


We almost wish there was a hand held model too, though that might be one magnifier too far - it's big lens. As it is the Easiview has a good sized but lightweight burgundy frame, which could just about be used as a hand magnifier too.


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