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COIL 'Hi Power' Hand Magnifiers
COIL 'Hi Power' Hand MagnifiersCOIL 'Hi Power' Hand MagnifiersCOIL 'Hi Power' Hand Magnifiers

COIL 'Hi Power' Hand Magnifiers

Established series of hand-held magnifiers often recommended by optical professionals
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Ref. 5203 (3x/8d), 3"/81mm lens - 55.95
Ref. 5204 (4x/12d), 3"/80mm lens - 58.95
Ref. 5206 (6x/20d), 2"/50mm lens - 36.95
Ref. 5215 (1.7x/2.8d/rectangular), 4 x 3"/96 x 71mm lens - 41.95
Ref. 5216 (2.3x/5.2d/rectangular), 4 x 3"/96 x 71mm lens - 57.95

Magnifiers recommended by low vision clinics

These outstanding high power hand magnifiers have been recommended for many years by optometrists and eyecare experts for people with low vision, poor grip or hand articulation disabilities. They feature abrasion-resistant coated lenses, with round and rectangular options in a selection of magnification strengths from 1.7x up to 6x. These lenses are made from lightweight polymethyl methacrylate acrylic to maximise light transmission and give a sharp, distortion-free image.

Bi-aspheric magnifying lenses

The lenses on these magnifying glasses are bi-aspheric, which means they can be viewed from either side. That's also why the handles have a natural contour on either side for left or right-handed use. At the end of the handle a small recessed section enables a cord or chain (not supplied) to be threaded through if required. Supplied with pouch to protect lens when not in use.

  • High quality magnifiers with bi-aspheric lenses for sharp, distortion-free images
  • Acrylic lens offers excellent clarity and strength
  • Round and rectangular lens options covering 1.7x to 6x magnification
  • Ergonomic handles sculpted for comfortable grip in either hand
  • Widely recommended by eyecare professionals in clinics, hospitals and practices
  • Each magnifier supplied with soft protective pouch
  • Manufactured by COIL, a leading name in optics since 1936

PRODUCT BLOG COIL Hi Power Magnifiers

COIL Hi Power Magnifiers made by world-renowned experts in optics

The COIL name has been synonymous with optical excellence and plastic lenses since the 1930s. In September 1934 Arthur Kingston was credited with inventing the first plastic lens and he founded his firm, Combined Optical Industries Limited (COIL), two years later. The company pioneered various techniques for the precision molding of plastic optics and the name COIL became a recognised world leader in optical products.

This expertise is perfectly exemplified in the COIL Hi Power Magnifier series. These magnifiers are solid in appearance and feel but being made entirely from plastic they are also very lightweight and comfortable. Most importantly the aspheric lenses in these magnifiers are sharp and distortion-free, offering excellent clarity and strength. The lenses are made from polymethyl methacrylate (or PMMA for short), also known as acrylic or acrylic glass as well as long-established trade names such as Perspex, Lucite and Plexiglas. Being transparent, lightweight and durable PMMA is used in a wide range of other applications including vehicle instrument panels, aquarium windows, even as protection for spectators around the perimeter of ice hockey rinks -


COIL Hi Power magnifiers have been used worldwide by leading eyecare specialists for many decades. They have been in our range since we started back in 1999 and are an ideal choice for anyone willing to pay a little more to get a solid magnifier that will stand the test of time.

(Apart from the Hand Magnifier series there is also a Hi Power series of stand magnifiers, where lenses go up to 20x magnification!)


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