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Brightfield Dome Magnifier
Brightfield Dome Magnifier

Brightfield Dome Magnifier

Round transparent dome magnifier highlights words and text to make reading easier
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Extraordinary light gathering capability

This superb 'bright field' magnifier offers such amazing brightness and optical clarity that you could be forgiven for thinking it must have a light. In fact it's the dome-like shape and highly-polished clear acrylic finish that help gather and re-direct ambient light from every possible angle onto the subject matter so effectively.

Magnifying glass dome paperweight

The magnifier has a flat base and rests on the page like a paperweight. This means it can be pushed along easily so it is popular with those who may not be able to hold a hand-held magnifying glass. It's also a great magnifier for checking tiny text and detail on research documents, contracts, maps, crosswords, plans, X-rays and photos. Fits in pocket and includes free protective polishing pouch. Lens diameter: 2"/50mm. 4x magnification.

  • Solid acrylic dome magnifier gathers light for brilliant optical clarity
  • Glides smoothly over any surface for ease of use
  • Allows viewing of magnified objects from any distance in perfect focus
  • More than one person can view magnified subject at a time
  • Magnifies tiny print four times (4x) original size
  • Lens diameter: 2"/5cm
  • Protective, polishing pouch included
  • Beautiful UltraOptix branded gift box
  • Great for photographers, designers, genealogists, archivists
  • Dome magnifiers have been found to help some people with dyslexia and other reading difficulties
  • Can be used as a paperweight or desk accessory

PRODUCT BLOG Brightfield Dome Magnifier

How dome magnifiers can help people with reading difficulties

Dome magnifiers have a curved top surface and a flat bottom, which allows them to sit directly on the page. In effect this means the lens is pre-focused and always the same, unlike a normal hand-held magnifying glass, which has to be moved around until the optimum magnification point has been found. This can be very frustrating for people with ageing or wandering eyes as well as those with conditions like macular degeneration. A dome magnifier is always in focus and the magnification is always the same you cannot move it up or down to increase or decrease the magnification. Being made from solid clear acrylic, all the ambient light is gathered and concentrated onto the subject matter, providing brilliant optical clarity and fixed magnification of text or imagery until the user moves the Dome Magnifier along the surface to view the next part. You could lose concentration, or even pop out to make a cup of tea safe in the knowledge that you could return to carry on exactly where you left off.

Sometimes young people need magnifiers too

One of the nicest moments for us came when we were contacted by a man, desperate to find something for his 12 year-old daughter (lets call her Ellie) who was in between specialist hospital appointments after becoming aware of a sight-endangering issue whilst riding a horse. They visited us and one by one we got out all the magnifiers that we thought might be helpful: several top quality Eschenbach magnifiers, COIL Hi Power hand-held and stand magnifiers, all our brilliant UltraOptix illuminated magnifiers, a desk magnifying lamp - all to no avail. Eventually we offered the Dome Magnifier and she would not give it back! It was just right for her and what she especially liked was that it was small enough for her to put it in a pouch and then use it discreetly without all her classmates being aware of it.

A few months later we bumped into the father again and we were very happy when he told us that the operation Ellie had been waiting for (on her optical nerve) had been a success and so she no longer needed the magnifier quite so much.


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