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About Magnifico (The Magnifier Company)

Many companies like to think big but at Magnifico - the Magnifier Company - we take the view that small is beautiful. In fact we started that way ourselves, back in 1999, as a tiny micro business operating from under the stairs (we expanded rapidly though and soon reached the spare room!).

But one thing has never changed. Our simple mission has always been to make life easier and more enjoyable for as many people as possible.

Making life easier and more enjoyable

We've done that by supplying magnifying glasses, magnifier lamps, fresnel lenses, loupes and low vision aids to people of all ages, with free delivery anywhere in the UK. Our products have helped thousands of individuals, and hundreds of organisations to:

  • See more clearly
  • View things differently
  • Bring clarity and focus

In fact, we've helped people all over the world to shed light on any magnifying task including small print of any kind in books, newspapers & magazines, and on maps, food labels, recipes and medicine instructions, plus photos, stamps, coins, insects, antiques, art & craft, model-making, school projects, as well as crime scenes, science lab work, beauty and spa treatments, nail art, industrial engineering, components and repair.

Friendly service, over 25 years' experience, free UK delivery

Our magnifiers are often at discounted prices, but always with fast, free UK delivery, many years of experience and the kind of friendly, attentive and helpful service that sometimes seems to be going out of fashion. So when it comes to magnifying glasses there's one name that stands out. Whether you need one magnifier for your own use, or perhaps even a thousand printed with your logo as a customer giveaway, Magnifico is the name people trust - for well over 25 years.

Why not take a closer look?